Billing - Updating and Trial Mode

Trial Mode

When signing up, the trial will begin and last for 1 month. Billing information can be entered during this time period (see below). Charges will not occur until after the trial period has ended.

How Billing Works

After the trial period, we calculate how many users are on the system per day, then at the end of the month you will be charged for your usage. If you add users mid-way through the month, you will only pay for the days they have been active on the system and not the full month.

The charges are £1.00 per active user account per month (excl VAT).

For more information please refer to the pricing page.

Billing Page

Billing information can be entered within the Admin Billing page. On this page as an admin you have the ability to:

  • View current monthly cost based on usage (only applicable post trial expiry)
  • View when your trial ends (only applicable if credit card information has not yet been entered)
  • Enter / update the credit card linked to your account
  • Update your invoice address - This is the email address which will receive the invoices
  • Country
  • Add VAT number (optional) - This will be included on your invoice if specified

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