GDPR and Subject Access Requests

Data Subject (The Requester)

As the data subject, for any GDPR/Subject Access Requests, you will first need to make a request to your own organisation and not directly to the ScheduleLeave team, as your organisation past or present is known as the data controller. They can then make a formal request to us as to what specifically they require in terms of data and we can supply the necessary data.

Organisation (Data Controller)

If you have a GDPR/Subject Access Request from one of your employees, past or present, please get in Contact with ScheduleLeave support and supply the following pieces of information:

  1. Who the request is for
  2. Are they a past or present employee
  3. What data specifically is required

We can then process the request and send any data to you within the legal timeframe of a month upon receiving the request.

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