Leave Types - Adding, Editing and Deactivating

Viewing, Deactivating & Activating

Within the Admin Leave Types page, you can view any Leave Types, along with their status of active or deactivated as well as their various settings.

  • To search for a leave type, click in the search at the top of the page and start to type, any leave types matching what you have typed will be returned as you type
  • To deactivate a leave type, click on the red power button on the right hand side of the leave type as shown in the image below
  • To activate a leave type, click on the green power button on the right hand side of the leave type
  • To edit a leave type, click on the blue pencil as shown on the image below

NOTE - Any leave types deactivated which are already assigned to past bookings will stay mapped but will not be allowed to be used for any future bookings.

Adding / Editing Leave Types

When adding or editing a leave type you can:

  • Add or change the name
  • Change the colour which is what is shown on the My Calendar, Wallchart and Approve pages
  • Specify if the leave is deductible - This will be taken from the user's leave allowance
  • Specify if approval is required - This will mean it has to be approved by the department's approver before it will be booked off in the system
  • Specify if it's Paid/Unpaid/Statutory
  • Hide the optional reason input or not
  • Include in the Bradford Factor score, see our dedicated guide for Bradford Factor here.

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