Calendar Feeds

To access your calendar feeds, simply click on your picture in the top right had side and select "Calendar Feeds", on this page you have the ability to download one of three feeds which can then synchronise with your calendar, including:

  1. Your Leave - Leave you have booked off
  2. Department's Leave - Your leave plus anybody else in your department
  3. Organisation's Leave - All leave within your organisation

To add the feed to your calendar, simply click the 'Subscribe' option on the feed you require, if this does not open the desired application which you want them to appear in, please see the instructions below for your calendar client.

NOTE - There is an option to hide leave types booked on the calendar and Slack integration. You can read more here

Outlook Instructions

  • Switch to the calendar module
  • In the Manage Calendars group on the toolbar, click Open Calendar
  • Select the From Internet option
  • Provide the path of your Internet calendar file
  • Click OK

When you use this method for some Internet servers, the calendar is not added successfully. After a progress window opens briefly, you are returned to the calendar module without a new calendar added.

You can read more here if you are unable to add the calendar for additional workarounds:

GCal Instructions

  • Click "Settings." 
  • Click "Calendar" on the left menu.
  • Copy your calendar feed URL.
  • Open your Google calendar
  • Click on the dropdown next to “Other Calendars” located on the left side menu
  • Select “Add by URL”
  • Copy your calendar feed URL from your ActiveCampaign Calendar page and paste that URL into the URL field
  • Click “Add Calendar”

You can read more here:

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