Reporting and Dashboards

Within ScheduleLeave you can report on various items as an admin or an approver including:

  • Headline Statistics
    • Active users - Users who logged in, in the past month
    • Logins last month - Total logins last month
    • Leave pending approval - How many bookings are pending approval
    • Users without bookings - How many users who have not yet booked any leave for your company year
  • Activity Chart - Number of bookings per department per month which can help predict trends
  • User Leave Stats - Each user, with quantity of bookings for each leave type as well as total days booked for each leave type for your company year. This can help understand who may be frequently booking off too many sick leave days as an example
  • User Summary - A report which shows the allocation, lieu, carried over time and leave allowance used for each user for the company year
  • Booking Log - Each booking which has been made, information about each booking and it's status
  • Bradford Factor - A report showing the bradford factor score for employees if enabled

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