Multiple Approvers & Multi-Stage Approval

Multiple Approvers

When editing a department within admin, you can now specify more than one approver. 

When multiple approvers have been chosen but multi-stage approval is off, when a user requests leave, each approver will receive an email if the leave requires approval. When one approver has approved the leave, the request will then be hidden from all other approve pages.

Up to 3 approvers can be selected per department to approval leave.

Multi-Stage Approval

In addition to multiple approvers above, if multi-stage approval is turned on and you have 2 or 3 approvers set, when a user requests leave, the leave will have to be approved by every approver in the order they appear in the edit department page in admin.

E.g. Once approver 1 has approved the leave, approver 2 will receive and email and then see the request on their approval page. Once approver 2 approves the leave, approver 3 (if set) will receive and email and it will appear on their approval page. Only once all approvers have approved the leave, will the user who made the booking receive an email informing them that their booking has been confirmed, it will then appear on the Wallchart and Calendar pages as approved.

NOTE - When booking leave on behalf of others as an approver or as an admin user, the multi-stage approval process is skipped. It works in this way to avoid issues when needing to book past leave as well as streamlining the process.

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