Company Settings

When looking at company settings, you will see some information previously entered as part of the initial company setup. On this page you can add/update:

  1. Company Name
  2. Leave Year Start - The period from which leave allowance can be consumed. NOTE - You can't change leave year start if bookings have been made, without contacting the ScheduleLeave team
  3. Default leave allowance - The default leave allowance for each user, this can overridden on each department as well as an individual user, see the dedicated guide for overriding allowance and lieu here
  4. Timezone - The default timezone for all users
  5. Days to carry forward - The number of leave allowance days that get carried over if the user hasn't used them within the year. This can be overridden on a user's account in admin if you wish to change their carry over after a new year starts
  6. Privacy - Various options to hide certain data within the platform which may be of a sensitive nature
  7. Bradford Factor - Settings regarding who sees the Bradford Factor Score, see our Bradford Factor guide here.

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