Changing Allowance, Lieu and Carry Over


Within ScheduleLeave Allowance and Lieu can be defined in various locations depending on the requirement:

  • Admin > Company Settings (Allowance & Days carried)
  • Admin > Departments > Add/Edit Department (Allowance)
  • Admin > Users > Add/Edit User (Allowance & Lieu)

Company Settings

When originally registering, a default leave allowance has to be defined, this allowance as well as lieu carry over can then be edited post sign-up on the Admin > Company Settings page. When set, this will apply to all users unless specific overrides are defined (see below).

Department Settings

If a specific department needs to have a different set of allowances for its users, an override can be setup on a department level within Admin > Departments > Add/Edit Department. If defined, this will override any settings at company level for the particular department it has been setup for and will apply to all users within the department which has the override set.

User Settings

As well as an individual department override, an individual user override can be setup in one of two ways:

  • Permanent override for allowance
    • This will be an override which is applied on every year including the current and any future years
    • This could be used in an example where you have a part time worker, who's allowance is reduced as a result and will be reduced for all years moving forward
  • Override for a specific year for allowance, lieu and carry over
    • This will override a specific year allowance, lieu and carry over
    • This could be used in an example when an individual may have not used up all of their holiday in the last year and as a one off you wish to increase their allowance more than the carry over of lieu defined
    • It's worth noting that if you override a specific year, which is not the current year, the user will still have the department override (if set) or company default settings applied to their account
    • Any overrides set on past company years will not affect current allocations as that company year has passed

When an override has been setup, it will override any department overrides as well as the company default settings.

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