Custom Work Schedules


Within ScheduleLeave there is the capability in admin to setup custom work schedules both on a department and or an individual level. As part of these work schedules you can define on each day of the week:

  • If the day is a work day e.g. if your company works weekends, you can tick the weekends to be active and thus count towards any deduction of allocation
  • If it's a full or half work day
  • The hours for 'morning' and 'afternoon'

How it works

  • Any days marked as enabled will deduct allocation when a leave type is chosen which is deductible e.g. 'holiday'
  • If a half day is specified, only 1/2 a day will be consumed on a booking where a deductible leave type is chosen
  • If the default hours are changed, these will show correctly in the calendar feed and thus in your calendar application

Automatic allowance calculation

To work out a user's allowance automatically based on the work-schedule, please edit the work-schedule within the edit user page in admin and enable "Allow Custom Work Schedules To Change The User's Leave Allowance"

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