Integrations for Calendars and Slack


Within the admin integrations page you have 2 key areas:

  • Slack integration - can be setup by any admin of your site
  • Calendar integration - this is a link to the calendar feed page which can be accessed by any end user

For calendar integration please refer to the calendar feeds guide.

Slack Integration

Within the Slack integration, you will have the ability to add multiple integration points for ultimate flexibility.

To start, simply click on the "Add to Slack" button:

  • This will redirect you to the Slack setup page whereby you can pick which channel you want to post the daily summary to
  • Upon returning to ScheduleLeave, you can adjust the time the post will get made to your chosen Slack channel, as well as defining a role / office and or department
  • By default the message will be posted at 9am UTC+0 and all roles / offices and departments are selected
  • Once you're happy with the settings for the integration which you have just added, simply click on the green power active icon to turn the integration on

NOTE - There is an option to hide leave types booked on the calendar and Slack integration. You can read more here

Below you can see a screenshot showing an example configuration:

The image below shows an example of a Slack integration once it has been setup and enabled:

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