Part Time Workers

For part time staff it can sometimes be difficult to understand how much allowance they're entitled to. Within the Add/Edit User page in the admin panel there are a number of options which can be enabled to help with this.

To start with, a Leave Allowance Override or a Leave Allowance Override for a specific year can be set which includes:

  • The standard allowance for the user
  • The bank/public holidays in full

Once setup, a series of options can be enabled:

  1. When using a custom work schedule, inside of custom work schedule screen there is an option which can be enabled called "Allow Custom Work Schedules To Change The User's Leave Allowance" - This will alter the user's leave allowance based on the actual days they're working per week
  2. If a start/end date is set with an override, the option "Allow Start/End Dates To Change The Leave Allowance Override" can be enabled to alter the user's allowance
  3. Bank/Public holidays can be disabled for a user (if adding them as allowance to the user) to prevent any issues with leave not being deducted from the users account

User changing from part-time to full time or changing their work days/hours mid-year

If you have a user who changes from part-time to full-time in the middle of the year, or adjusts their work days in the middle of the company year, you can edit the work schedule on their account in admin by clicking edit next to the 'custom work schedule' and then inside the modal click 'setup new work schedule'. This allows you to define multiple work-schedule periods if a user is changing their working days or hours.

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