Part Time Workers

For part time staff it can sometimes be difficult to understand how much allowance they're entitled to. Within the Add/Edit User page in the admin panel there are a number of options which can be enabled to help with this.

To start with, a Leave Allowance Override or a Leave Allowance Override for a specific year should be set which includes:

  • The standard allowance for the user
  • The bank/public holidays in full

Once setup, a series of options can be enabled:

  1. When using a custom work schedule, inside of custom work schedule screen there is an option which can be enabled called "Allow Custom Work Hours To Change The Leave Allowance Override" - This will alter the user's leave allowance based on the actual days they're working per week
  2. If a start/end date is set with an override, the option "Allow Start/End Dates To Change The Leave Allowance Override" can be enabled to alter the user's allowance
  3. Bank/Public holidays can be disabled for a user (if adding them as allowance to the user) to prevent any issues with leave not being deducted from the users account

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